Sustainable Finance

The Sustainable Finance market is experiencing growing demand from issuers and investors who consider green, social and sustainable bonds ideal instruments to align their corporate strategies with the sustainable development goals. A second opinion from EQA gives issuers, and the market in general, assurance of legitimacy, indicating that the sustainability goals are met, the proceeds are adequately managed and the information reported on financed project is reliable.

EQA is the first Spanish verifier, approved by Climate Bonds Initiative – CBI to finance Climate action

We offer Second Opinion and Verification services for Green Bonds, Social Bonds, Sustainable Bonds and Green Loans

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We contribute value for our customers

  • Building trust: An independent third-party opinion guarantees the investor an adequate use of the proceeds, in accordance with the commitments assumed by the issuer in the Framework.
  • Fulfilment of market expectations: Independent verification ensures that the bond is aligned with the main international standards.
  • Transparency: The opinion of an independent third party provides transparency and credibility regarding the information reported by the issuer, the financed projects and their impact.

Why EQA?

  1. Experience in ESG verification
    - European Quality Assurance, or EQA, is an international certification and verification body for environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) standards, aimed at generating trust in the market with respect to the inclusion of sustainability factors in organisations’ strategies and operations.
    - EQA is the first Spanish verification body to be approved by the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI).

  2. International Certification and Verification Body
    EQA operates globally and provides external opinion services for Green, Sustainable and Social Frameworks, environmental and corporate social responsibility verifications and assessments, and certifications of compliance, management systems, information security and data protection, innovation and RDI.
  1. Excellence and quality
    EQA adheres to the principles of excellence, quality and independence in its policies and procedures. It undertakes to provide its customers with products and services with high added value for its stakeholders, as a result of its technical competency and scientific research, in partnership with a large global network of scientific experts, universities and research centres.

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