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Sustainable Finance market has been experiencing a growing demand from issuers and investors that found in green, social and sustainable bonds an ideal instrument to align their financing strategy with their sustainability goals.

EQA’s second-party opinion provides confidence to investors and overall market regards the fulfilment of the sustainability goals, the correct use of proceeds and the expected impact of the financed or refinanced projects and/or assets. 

EQA is the first Spanish verification body to be approved to verify climate bonds and loans by the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI).

We provide the following services:

informe segunda opinion

Second-Party Opinion and Verification

For Sustainable Finance Instruments.

Evento sostenible

ESG Verification

For Investment Funds.

Added Value for our customers

  • Building trust: EQA’s independent opinion provides confidence to interested parties regarding the financing of projects and / or assets; and their impact on the environment and society.
  • Fulfilment of market expectations: We ensure the alignment between the ESG policy and the main international standards.
  • Transparency: We provide confidence and credibility about the ESG reported information.

About us

1. Experience in ESG verification

European Quality Assurance, or EQA, is an international certification and verification body for environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) standards, which aimed to build trust in the market upon the inclusion of sustainability issues in organisations’ strategies and operations.

2. Excellence and quality

EQAs policies and procedures adhere to the principles of excellence, quality and independence. Through our technical competencies and scientific support, , in result of the partnership with a large global network of scientific experts, universities and research centres, we are committed to provide our customers with products and services with a high added value for its stakeholders.

3. Technical competences and independence

As a verification and certification organisation, EQA keeps a management system in place to ensures impartiality, objectivity and technical competence in their internal management and their external activities as a verifier.


Green Bonds, Social Bonds and Sustainable Bonds Principles

The Green and Social Bond Principles, and the del International Capital Market Association – ICMA Sustainability Bond Guidelines, defines the four main components for sustainable debt issuance.

  • Use of proceeds
  • Process for project evaluation and selection
  • Management of proceeds
  • Reporting
Green Bond

Any type of bond in which the proceeds will be applied exclusively to finance or refinance, in part or in whole, eligible green projects, new and / or existing, in alignment with the four main components of the ICMA GBP.

Eligible Green Project Categories

  • Energy: solar, eolic, geothermal, bioenergy, marine renewable energy.
  • Transportationprivate and public transportation, rail freight.
  • Water monitoring, storage, treatment, distribution, flood defense and solutions.
  • Building and Construction: residential and commercial.
  • Use of land and marine resources agriculture, forestry, protection and restoration of natural ecosystems.
  • Waste: recycling, reuse, waste-based energy, landfill.
Social Bond

Any type of bond in which the proceeds will be applied exclusively to finance or refinance, in part or in whole, eligible social projects, new and / or existing, in alignment with the four main components of the ICMA GBP.

Eligible social project categories

  • Affordable basic infrastructure: drinking water, sewerage, sanitation, transportation, energy.
  • Essential services access: health, education and professional training; healthcare, financing and financial services.
  • Affordable housing.
  • Generation of employment and programs to prevent and / or reduce unemployment derived from socio-economic crisis and financing of SMEs.
  • Food security and sustainable food systems.
  • Socioeconomic advancement and empowerment.

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Mª Cristina Romero

Mª Cristina Romero

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