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Many investors are concerned with the verification of the products receiving a green label. In this sense EQA provides a verification service aimed to give increased confidence and transparency.

A green label backed up by a solid verification scheme is welcome by many investors in order gain confidence on the correct use of their investments

EQA is a certification, inspection and verification body conducting thousands of audits per year in quality and SGE standards. Third party ESG evaluations assignments include sustainability reports, Green House Gas verifications, and audits related to governance like antibribery, money laundry prevention, tax assurance systems and other schemes related to compliance in general.

EQA acts nationally and internationally providing sustainability evaluation services. With this recognition it becomes the first Spanish verifier approved by Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) for the verification of Green Bonds, Green Loans and any other debt instrument. EQA provides verification services in many different sectors including Solar and Wind Energy, Low Carbon Transport, Water Infrastructure, Low Carbon Buildings, Marine Renewable Energy and Waste.

EQA verifies from an early stage including the pre-issuance and post-issuance requirements for Green Bonds, Green Loans and any other debt instrument. It also performs annual reporting and specific projects forming a larger group of projects verifications.

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Green Bonds

Green Bonds

Green Bonds

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